DISPLACED  I’m now working on a series of sculptures and works on paper loosely called ‘Displaced’ (working title). Although still at an early stage, I envisage the series to consist of approximately 20 sculptures, ranging in scale from 20 to 60 inches in size. They will be created in bronze, mild steel, and stainless steel (I’m currently experimenting with patinas on stainless and mild steel). The work explores a general socio-political theme of inequality imposed by circumstance. In more particular terms I’m attempting to convey an emotional response to varied humanitarian challenges of the twenty first century, albeit through a formalistic sculptural language that draws, unapologetically, on a twentieth century aesthetic and sculptural tradition.

REFUGEE (the bronzes)

This series of stainless steel and  bronze semi-abstract figures, collectively entitled 'Refugee' are part of an ongoing dialogue with the formal qualities of the materials and a development from previous works. Some are limited editions , others are unique pieces. The course handling of the form, the textural qualities of the metals and the patination are intended to suggest the harshness of the subject. The individual titles however, allow for an ambiguity of interpretation and are intended to create a dichotomous experience for the viewer . 


'REFUGEE' is a direct personal response to various conflicts and humanitarian crisis worldwide. It's a critique of governments and regimes complicit in the injustices, oppression and cruelty inflicted on the underprivileged and dispossessed. We experience these injustices through the media in ways that seem to negate the individual. This body of work focuses on individual relationships, families, children etc, in an attempt to humanise and depoliticise in favour of and emotional understanding.

SEEKERS & DETAINEES This new series is a return to a more abstract representation of the figure with a clear acknowledgement of tradition of abstract steel sculpture of the modernist period. They are also closer in methodology to work I produced at the very start of my sculptural endeavours over thirty years ago. The work draws heavily on my early influences; the notion of ‘drawing in space’ and the work of Julio Gonzalez and Davis Smith.

RELIEFS A series of modelled and cast reliefs. Modelled in clay and cast in plaster. This work gives an opportunity to explore similar themes to that of the sculpture, but with a greater freedom of composition and with a slightly more covert narrative

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