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Heading 5

DISPLACED  I’m now working on a series of sculptures and works on paper loosely called ‘Displaced’ (working title). Although still at an early stage, I envisage the series to consist of approximately 20 sculptures, ranging in scale from 20 to 60 inches in size. They will be created in bronze, mild steel, and stainless steel (I’m currently experimenting with patinas on stainless and mild steel). The work explores a general socio-political theme of inequality imposed by circumstance. In more particular terms I’m attempting to convey an emotional response to varied humanitarian challenges of the twenty first century, albeit through a formalistic sculptural language that draws, unapologetically, on a twentieth century aesthetic and sculptural tradition.

Dance IV (Still Dancing) below- this sculpture will be produces in bronze as a unique piece

It continues the theme of 'Refugees' and marks the transition to a new series entitled 'Displaced'. It's the largest bronze in the series to date. The increased scale demands a change in method and process. The original is modelled in clay over  an aluminium and plaster armature. From the original I will made a hot melt vinyl rubber mould  and from that mould, a  hard wax ready for the foundry.

Relief No 1 - Running Children below

This is the first of a series of relief sculptures based on the ‘Refugee’ bronze series and inspired, in part by a recent visit to Rome and the Vatican Museums, in particular the marble sarcophagi panels representing the lives of the Roman elite.

The relief was modelled in clay and cast in plaster and measures approximately 60 x 30 cms.